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Social Media & Digital Marketing Outreach Strategies with Jonha Revesencio | Social Agent

M y first ever podcast guesting with Michael Michelini of Social Agent. Go to www.Socialagent.Me/episode12 to start tuning in!We’ve talked about how to do digital outreach, what are some best practices, case studies and the importance of focusing on the “heart-ware” over the hardware (as first emphasized by my dear friend, Christel Quek). Topics covered in this episodeIntroduction of Jonha RevesencioDigital outreach, I caught that on your most influential leaders in the Philippines tech scene page that this is your speciality – can you help define what that is for our listeners today?What are some types of digital outreach initiatives or campaigns a person or company can do?how developed does a social media page have to be to start doing this kind of outreach? Developed as in can it be a new account, with a new profile photo or should it be a year old with consistent postings and a following?Is a personal brand better or different from a business brand?How does outreach differentiate from different social platforms – say twitter, facebook, linkedin, google plus as the 4 main ones for now? —> meaning – the method of doing outreach on these platformsWhat is your favorite Social channel for doing outreach?how to get blogger attention on outreachAny tools you use to manage this?What are some case studies of a digital outreach campaign?How much time and effort to see some effects?heart ware – hard ware


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This entry was posted on August 15, 2014 by in Social Media.
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