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10 Must-Follow Thought Leaders in the Philippine Tech Scene [TechinAsia]

Jonha Revesencio was included in the top 10 must-follow people in the Philippines tech scene in this Tech in Asia article, excerpt below:


Jonha Revesencio @jonharules The Philippines is the social media capital of the world, but what good is that to an entrepreneur if you don’t know how to successfully navigate this space? Jonha Revesencio can help you – she is a social media superstar. As her Twitter bio tells you, she works for @RebelMouse, on behalf of which she contacts digital influencers to engage with the platform. She regularly tweets about social media, community management, and digital outreach, and her style can itself be a social media model for entrepreneurs – everything is phrased and structured with an eye for shareability.

Read more: 10 must-follow thought leaders in the Philippine tech scene



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