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Twitter Followers Analysis for Jonha Revesencio (@jonharules) [REPORT]

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Using Simply Measured, below is an overview of my Twitter audience and reach analysis.

– 53% of my followers are from the US, 10% are from the Philippines
– 42% of followers have Klout score of 40%
– Top 1% of my followers have been listed an average of 6,456 times


Top 15 Most Influential Followers:


Username                                                               Topics

1. @BarackObama                  – politics, celebrities, media, government, business
2. @britneyspears                   – celebrities, music, entertainment, hollywood, never say never
3. @yokoono                              – celebrities, music, entertainment, japan, fashion
4. @iamsuperbianca             – celebrities, american idol, pinoy, philippines, entertainment
5. @TweetDeck                         – technology, social media, apps, media, business
6. @mariashriver                     – celebrities, politics, entertainment, media, social media
7. TimesFashion                       – fashion, media, style, lifestyle, business
8. @benlandis                           – game boy, masters golf tournament, kickstarter, wikipedia, television
9. @lonelyplanet                       – travel and tourism, media, australia, business
10. @charitywater                    – non-profit, charities, robinho, philanthropy, environment
11. @GuyKawasaki                  – social media, technology, marketing, entrepreneurship, business
12. @DavidKWilliams              – energy, #leadership, media, quickbooks, economics
13. @AmyJoMartin                  – social media, marketing, entrepreneurship, sports, celebrities
14. @Yahoo                                 – branding, technology, social media, media, yahoo! inc.
15. @garyvee                             – social media, marketing, entrepreneurs, wine, technology



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