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How Cats Rule the Web [INFOGRAPHIC]

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For cat lovers, the dog park is the Internet! Whether you’re a cat or dog person, you’ll want to check out this cute infographic from to learn why cats are the most popular pets online.


Why are cats so popular? Below are some of the key takeaways:


1. Cats are Popular
33% of American households have a cat while 52% have more than one cat.

2. Cats often come across as arrogant and aloof. Making them more funny.

3. Cats are spontaneous and unpredictable

4. Cats are perfect distraction

5. Cats are funny. Nuff said.

6. Cats express variety of emotions

7. People are in awe of them

8. We admire cats

9. Cats resemble human babies.

10. Cat owners use the internet

11. Cats are cute. Nuff said.



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