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Study: 75% of UK Journalists Source News from known Social Media Contacts [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Oriella Digital Journalism Study also found more than half journalists worldwide use social media, such as Twitter, to source and verify stories, from contacts already known to them


A study of more than 600 journalists across the world found that more than half source and verify news stories using known sources on social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and Weibo. The research found 75 per cent of journalists in the UK do so.


The annual Oriella Digital Journalism Study, which is carried out by Brands2Life with Oriella PR Network partners and surveys journalists across 16 countries, found the use of social media in the gathering of news “is now a majority pursuit” when working with known sources on such platforms.

More than half, 53 per cent, of journalists use “microblog updates” from known sources, and in the UK alone this figure rises to 75 per cent.


But the report adds that when sources are “unfamiliar” the worldwide figure “roughly halves” to 26 per cent, and fell by round a third to 53 per cent in the UK.




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