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What Has Happened Since the Last Rio? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Indigenous peoples are the most greatly affected populations by climate change, the so-called “green economy” (which is bullshit in my opinion), and further exploitation by greedy capitalists.


Furthermore, indigenous women and children are the most affected in this group. Hundreds have been tortured and killed by state military groups, corporate mercenaries, etc. and IPs have also been called ‘terrorists’ for defending their homes. This is an outright violation of their basic human right to live and right to self-determination, which concerns the individual, not the state or the government.


Their lives are hanging in the balance and we who can help them, must fight with them.

In the Kari Oca II Declaration, an updated and more modern version of the Kari Oca Declaration which was part of the Rio 1992 conference, indigenous peoples from all over the world, including the IPs from the Philippines, call on everyone to defend their right to self-determination and to look to traditional ways of progress.


The last sentence of the declaration says that “We walk in the footsteps of our ancestors.” I believe we have walked too far from ours. It’s time for solidarity, and it’s time to face the struggle for justice, not just for indigenous peoples, but the entire order of the universe itself.


The Kari Oca II Declaration can be downloaded here; learn what the voices of the mountains and the seas are singing about.


This infographic is brought to you by Rappler, one of the Philippines’ online news blogs.

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