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Consumer Attitudes to Data Privacy [INFOGRAPHIC]

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According to statistics from a DMA survey of 1,020 adults, 1 in 3 consumers now regard their personal information as a tradable commodity. These consumers are prepared to share their details for marketing purposes, as long as they trust the brand in question, while others would ‘sell’ their data for a discount.

The following infographic from DMA shows the 3 types of consumers and in what circumstances and reasons will they share their personal information to brands.

The Three Types of Consumers:

1. Data Pragmatists (53%)
People who are willing to exchange reasonable amounts of data with brands for free servicdes or better benefits

2. Unconcerned (31%)
Consumers who don’t really care who they share their information to and what will it be used for.

3. Data Fundamentalists (16%)
Generally opposed to sharing their information unless they have a compelling reason to.


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