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Social Media and the Power of Peer Influence [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Consumers trust recommendations from peers from over all forms of advertising but content really spreads 5 to 1 on Twitter and 9 to 1 on Facebook. It makes sense because Facebook is a social network where ties are usually closer (relatives, colleagues, family) than that connections made on Twitter (fellow networkers, marketers, curators, celebrity, etc).


In What Ways Are We Influenced in our Buying Decisions?

People’s buying decisions are likely to be influenced through the following:

1. 70% – A friend or family member suggested it online (almost always through Facebook)
2. 61% – A friend or family member suggested it in person or by phone (It’s funny how Facebookrecommendation actually beats in-person recommendation)
3. 59% – Read about it from an online article
4. 49% – Learned about it from an advertisement (magazine/TV,Radio,Online ad)
5. 32% – Recommended by someone followed on Twitter


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